Videos and Training Products

This page provides videos and training products around the themes of Prevent.

Left Behind:

Left Behind focuses on the accounts of four police Prevent contact officers who have supported families from across the country and witnessed first hand the anquish they go through as a consequence of a family member’s actions.

From the initial shock through to the practical disruption to families and their children, the officers talk frankly and openly and appeal to people who are concerned about a loved one who may be considering travel, to contact the police before it is too late.

Prevent Workshops for students:

Safeguarding Multi-Agency Approaches Reduce Terrorism (SMART) - A counter-terrorism video, produced by police and Derby College students, has been given Home Office approval to be made available to schools throughout the UK.

(Trailer only)

Pathways- Cleveland Police and Concept North Film Production (ACPO Product)

Delegates take part in an interactive session using an example in which two men become involved in extremism.  It focuses on issues such as hate crime, bullying, stereotyping and grievances.


Diary of a Badman – Think for Yourself  - Follows on from the hit internet series ‘Diary of a Badman’ starring Humza Arshad. 

The short film centres around Humza’s cousin being drawn towards extremism and how Humza attempts to protect him from the dangers of radicalisation. The film explores why it’s important for that young people get information from the right sources and safeguards themselves from negative influences.

Prevent in the East Midlands

Prevent Awareness- short film.

Prevent in the East Midlands - Published in 2014 this 17 minute video explains how Prevent works in the East Midlands. This includes an introduction to Prevent, interviews with key partners and two local Channel case studies.

East Midlands Prevent Signed Interpreted


Counter terrorism Awareness Week in Lincolnshire 2014 -  A short video on the activities taking place in lincolnshire for Counter terrorism Awareness week November 2014


PREVENT Awareness Week 2015 - This short video captures what PREVENT Teams around the East Midlands have been involved in this week during National PREVENT Awareness Week. PREVENT Teams have been busy briefing and raising awareness with key partners, Police and communities about PREVENT and what can collectively be done to identify and support individuals who might be vulnerable to radicalisation.


BBC News reviews a student Prevent workshop - Titled "Tackling Extremism" East Midlands Today reveals that teenagers across the region are being recruited to advise the police on tackling terrorism. 600 National Citizen Service students from Lincolnshire took part in a Prevent workshop at Nottingham University. 









Report terrorism online

  Click on the link above to be forwarded to where you can access material to report terrorism.