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Please see the below links for other online resources/guidance/publications on Prevent, Prevent within Faith, Community and Education and how to report concerns. Clicking on the title will open a new window to the relevant page.

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Prevent Training:

Home Office E-Learning on Prevent - This offers an introduction to the Prevent duty, and explains how it aims to safeguard vulnerable people from being radicalised to supporting terrorism or becoming terrorists themselves.

Channel General Awareness Online Training - A 20-30 minute Online module for increasing knowledge on the Prevent and Channel process.

Home Office Prevent Duty training catalogue - This catalogue has been produced by the Home Office to highlight some of the training courses to help individuals covered by the requirements of the Prevent Duty


Prevent Publications: (Legislation/guidance)

The Prevent duty guidance

Channel Guidance 

Channel Vulnerability Assesment 

CONTEST the Counter Terrorism Strategy 


More Information on Prevent from Partner/Community Sites:

Prevent Tragedies - A website to support parents in preventing young people from travelling to warzones.

Lets talk about it - Resources to support the Prevent duty. 

Channel General Awareness Online Training - A 20-30 minute Online module for increasing knowledge on the Prevent and Channel process.

NSPCC advice to Parents - A 1 1/2 minute film for parents worried about Radicalisation. You can also visit the main NSPCC site for more information.

Sisters Against Violent Extremism - Is the world's first female counter-terrorism platform. Headquartered at the Women without Borders offices in Vienna, Austria, the SAVE initiative brings together a broad spectrum of women determined to create a united front against violent extremism. SAVE provides women with the tools for critical debate to challenge extremist thinking and to develop alternative strategies for combating the growth of global terrorism.

Families against Stress and Trauma - This website describes the distress caused to families by family members travelling to Syria. The website has links to video interviews with family members. It also has a list of signs of exploitation for families to look out for

We Will Inspire - A website set up by women to explore the roles of Muslim women in Britain. This includes two powerful videos of young Muslim men's and women's views of people going out to join extremists in Syria.

All Faiths and None AFAN, is the website for an Inter-Faith/Belief Programme, with funding from LSC, then LSIS and now ETF, which offers resources for use in dialogues and group discussions in formal and informal settings, primarily for young people, in educational and community contexts. AFAN works for mutual understanding, and against discrimination and intolerance on grounds of religion or belief at national and local levels.

Imans online – This organisation provides blogs and information about Islam in the UK.

Haqiqah - What is the truth behind Daesh (sometimes referred to as I.S.)? - Haqiqah has bought together senior Islamic Scholars from Britain to provide scholarly contributions focused specifically on educating young Muslims about the reality of extremist movements. This may be of interest to students or to practitioners.


Prevent in Education:

Educate Against Hate - HM Government website which gives parents, teachers and school leaders practical advice on protecting children from extremism and radicalisation.

Prevent for Schools - Prevent resources for Primary, Secondary and HE/FE.

Stonewall - Provides support to counter homophobia in further education. This will support providers is promoting British values of tolerance and mutual respect.

Safe Campus Communities - Exchanging knowledge to help Prevent violent extremism and radicalisation.

The National Council for Faith and Beliefs in Further Educaion - This is  a national independent inter-faith charity working with the learning and skills sector, faith and local communities and national and local faith/belief based groups. FBFE exists to support the further education sector to engage positively with faith and belief.


Reporting Concerns:

Refer an Individual to Channel 

See It Report It - Advice on how to Report & Block extreme/terrorist content on a variety of Social media platforms.

Report Online Terrorist Content - Report terrorism related content to the Police Counter Terrorism Internet Referral Unit.






Report terrorism online

  Click on the link above to be forwarded to where you can access material to report terrorism.