Video Case Study Two


“When I was fifteen years old I converted to Islam. Just before my sixteenth birthday my parents kicked me out of the house so to find help I went to the local Mosque where I was taken in by a Muslim family. After spending some time with this family I noticed that they were trying to kind of put some views on me that I had never heard of before. All the views at first didn’t seem too radical but then I started to notice after time they were getting more and more radical, more and more kind of extreme. After a while at the house I felt it was time to move on and the family agreed with me as well. After I left the house I found myself in a youth hostel and I found that this family that had fed me for two months had cut me off and didn’t want anything to do with me anymore. It hit me even more because it felt like it was all happening to me again. Then I found myself going further downhill. I found myself getting detached from the religion and the community that had brought me into Islam. I found myself taking drugs, getting worse and worse until I was on hard drugs. Then I moved out of the youth hostel and I found myself living in a single room accommodation. There things really went downhill for me as I didn’t feel I had anyone to turn to. I didn’t even feel that I had my God to turn to. That’s when the East Midlands Community Contact Unit stepped in and they gave me a lot of support. They did a lot for me and they’re still doing a lot for me today and it has been nearly a year now. At first they took it step by step. Because I was on drugs they managed to get me off the drugs and they managed to get me back into the youth hostel. They managed to get me into college. They gave me a lot of support. They came to see me at least twice a week. They were ringing me more or less everyday checking to see if everything was okay and I was alright. This carried on for a year and it’s still carrying on today. If it weren’t for the Channel process I don’t know where I could have been today, there’s so many possibilities. I could have either gone two ways: I could have either been on really hard drugs or I could have been in Palestine, Somalia or Syria or some other place where a lot of radical extremism is going off.”

From the East Midlands Community Contact Officer.

"The East Midlands Community Contact Unit works on behalf of Office of Security Counter Terrorism providing specialist intervention providers to work with vulnerable individuals at risk of radicalisation.

The interventions are commissioned from all the five Chanel Panels in the East Midlands region.

Expertise provided by intervention providers is wide ranging covering all aspects and derivatives of Islam and other religions together with right and left wing rhetoric.

The intervention providers work with the individual alongside any other appropriate agencies, the outcome sought is to reduce any risk of radicalisation and provide a counter narrative that the person can have, as an alternative to any previous risk of being drawn into terrorism."