What is Channel

Channel is a national Home Office Safeguarding project which aims to prevent children and adults from being drawn into violent radicalisation or becoming involved in terrorist related activity.

It uses a multi-agency approach with existing collaboration between local authorities, statutory partners, the police and the local Community to:

Identify individuals at risk of being drawn into terrorism.

Assess the nature and extent of that risk.

Develop the most appropriate support plan for the individual concerned.


Who sits on the Channel Panel

The Chair is usually from a partnership agency, for example, the Local Authority or from Health.

There are representatives from all the partners in Prevent; Education, Health, Local Authority, Prisons, Police, Probation, Social Services and Safeguarding, including specialist departments such as Housing.


The Channel process

Channel is about early intervention to protect and divert people away from the risk they may face of being drawn into any terrorist-related activity.

When a person is identified, a referral is made to a Channel Police Practitioner who will complete a preliminary assesment. If you have a concern you can make a referral by using the 'Refer' page on this site. You can also contact your local Prevent Team using the 'Contact us' page on this site. 

The preliminary assesment will include a vulnerability assesment. This looks at how engaged the person is in potential terrorist activity, what their intentions are and how capable they are of carrying out acts of terrorism. More information on the 'Vulnerability Assesment' can be found by clicking this link.

If the case isn't malicious, misinformed or misguided, its then passed to the local Channel Panel (See above). The panel uses its existing collaborations to assess the referral and if the person is suitable, support packages and interventions will be put in place.


Where can I find out more on Channel, including what are appropriate referrals?

Please click on the link to the Channel General Awareness Online Training. The online training is split into 3 chapters, each having several sections inside. These cover the Channel process in more detail and includes case studys on appropriate referrals. When you access the training you can select the specific section you wish to learn about from the 'Menu'. 

The Home Office also has an E-Learning on Prevent which provides more information on Prevent and you can find even more on our 'Online resources' page on this website.


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This is a real channel case
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"All the views at first didn’t seem too radical but then I started to notice they were getting more and more radical, more and more kind of extreme"