What is Channel?

Channel is a safeguarding programme which aims to provide support at an early stage to people who are identified as being vulnerable to being drawn into terrorism.

The programme uses people from lots of different organisations to:

  • Identify and support people at risk of being drawn into terrorism.
  • Work out the nature and extent of that risk.
  • Develop a support plan for that person.


Who sits on the Channel Panel?

The Channel Panel is a group of people from various different organisations like local councils, the police and some health services who are knowledgeable about safeguarding. They work together to decide the best way to help a person who is at risk.


What is the Channel process?

Channel is about taking steps early on to help protect and divert people away from the risk they may face from being drawn into any terrorist-related activity.

When a person is identified, a referral is made to a Channel Practitioner who will complete a preliminary assessment.

The preliminary assessment will include a vulnerability assessment. This looks at how engaged the person is, in potential extremist activity, what their intentions are and how capable they are of carrying out acts of terrorism.

If the referral isn't malicious, misinformed or misguided, it is then passed to the local Channel Panel. The panel uses its existing collaborations to assess the referral. If the person is deemed suitable, support packages and interventions will be put in place.


Where can I find out more about Channel, including what are appropriate referrals?

If you want to find out more about the Channel process, the Channel General Awareness Online Training will provide you with a general understanding of the process. The online course is split into three sections which focus on different aspects of Channel, including case studies. When you access the training you can select the specific section you wish to learn about, from the menu.

The Home Office also has an E-Learning course on Prevent which provides more information on Prevent and you can find even more on our 'Online resources' page on this website.